Supporting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Our Second Amendment Commitment

The Firearms industry is under enormous pressure, with many financial vendors covertly discriminating against firearms manufacturers and retailers. Others openly refuse to handle legal firearms transactions or lend to anyone in the firearms industry. Companies are being deprived of the ability to process debit and credit card transactions, often with no notice, simply because they sell firearms, ammunition, or related products and services.

To combat this trend, McMillan Merchant Solutions has secured a relationship with a gun-friendly credit card processor. Between the processor and  McMillan Merchant Solutions (MMS) we will help strengthen the firearms industry and support those organizations that are fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights. We can now provide financial stability for those who accept credit cards as payment and can even provide short-term loans to qualified customers.

MMS is also the McMillan family’s way of giving back to the community which supported them for 40 years and 3 generations. MMS will donate a percentage of every dollar made to certain organizations which fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and support the firearms and related industry. Not a single penny donated comes from you, the customer, but you will be asked to tell us to which organization you would like us to contribute as a result of MMS having your account.

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"As a start up business, I had no previous experience with merchant accounts which was a huge disadvantage for me Kelly walked me thru the entire process and communicated superbly. a flawless and very fast process!!"

- Street Smart Outfitters