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Credit Card Processing by McMillan Merchant Solutions

McMillan Merchant Solutions is a premier merchant service provider that can position your business for success. No matter your industry, we can reduce costs, increase profits and improve customer service with our top rated merchant services. Find out how we can help your business grow and stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

As a full-service merchant service provider, we offer a complete suite of advanced, cost-effective merchant processing services and ecommerce solutions including:

• E-Commerce • Mobile • Mail / Phone Order
• Retail • Wireless • Seasonal

How Did McMillan
Merchant Solutions
Get Started?

In this video, Kelly McMillan explains how and why McMillan Merchant Solutions was created.

Why Choose McMillan Merchant Solutions?

In this video Kelly McMillan gives an overview of McMillan Merchant Solutions and all they have to offer.

How do I Apply for Service with McMillan Merchant Solutions?

In this video, Kelly McMillan explains the application process and needed information.

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"As a start up business, I had no previous experience with merchant accounts which was a huge disadvantage for me Kelly walked me thru the entire process and communicated superbly. a flawless and very fast process!!"

- Street Smart Outfitters